What's Happening at St. Helens Catholic Church this week !?!

Confession- 30 minutes before Mass and Mass is at the Rectory Chapel 829 NE Chester Ave Topeka Kansas 66616 unless otherwise stated. (Please call ahead to confirm days and times for any event: (904)- 742-9781


Abstinence means refraining from eating the meat from mammals or fowl, and soup or gravy made from them. Fish is allowed, hence Fridays are known as "Fish Fridays." Traditionally, the laws of abstinence apply to all aged 7 and over.

Partial Abstinence

Meat and soup or gravy made from meat may be eaten once a day at the principle meal.


Fasting is the taking of only one full meal (which may include meat) and two smaller, meatless meals that don't equal the large one meal. No eating between meals is allowed, but water, milk tea, coffee, and juices are OK. Meat is allowed at one meal (assuming abstinence isn't also expected on a given day). Traditionally, everyone over 21 years of age and under 59 years of age is bound to observe the law of fast.


Week of June 14th, 2021

Monday 14th: Saint Basil the Great

Mass - 8:30 am

Altar And Rosary Society 3:00pm


Tuesday 15th: Saints Vitus, Modestus and Crescentia

Mass  - 8:30 am                                                                                                                                                      

Hospital Visitation and Shut-ins

Altar And Rosary Society 3:00pm


Wednesday 16th: Ferial Day


Altar And Rosary Society-3:00pm

Mass 6:00pm / Bible Study 7:00pm: Examining The Book Of Exodus 

Thursday 17th: Ferial Day

Mass -8:30am

Altar And Rosary Society-3:00pm

Mass 6:00pm / Catechism Classes 7:00pm 

Friday 18th: Saint Ephraem - Abstinence

Mass -8:30am

Altar And Rosary Society-3:00pm

6:00pm  Mass -Parish Meal (Soup and Salad) 7:00pm


Saturday 19th: Saint Juliana of Falconeri

Mass 11:00am

Soup and Sandwich 12:00pm

Door To Door Visitation 1:00-3:00pm

Altar And Rosary Society-3:00pm


Sunday 20th: Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Mass 9:00am







Sacred Heart Of Jesus

The month of June we honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If you haven't consecrated your home by Enthronement of the Sacred Heart, this month is a perfect time to do so! If you've already done so, it is a good time to renew the consecration.

It is also a good time to pray the Litany of the Sacred Heart.

A plenary indulgence is granted to those who, under the usual conditions, publicly make an
Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart on this day.

By the venerable P. Simon Gourdan

The most sacred devotion, for by it man venerates the holiest sentiments and emotions of the Heart of Jesus, by which He has sanctified the Church, glorified His Heavenly Father, and presented Himself to us as the perfect model of the most exalted sanctity.

The oldest devotion of the holy Church, which, instructed by the great St. Paul, has at all times recognized the munificence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The most approved devotion, for the Holy Scriptures everywhere exhort us to renew our heart by changing our lives, rendering them contrite by true penance, inflaming them with the fire of divine love, and adorning them by the exercise of all virtue. Therefore a new heart is promised on which to remodel our Heart. That Heart can be no other than the Heart of Jesus, which is given us as an example of all virtue, and which we must imitate if we wish to be saved.

The most perfect devotion, for it is the: source of all other devotions; the Heart of Jesus is that inexhaustible treasury from which the Mother of God and all the saints have drawn their graces, their life, their virtues, and all spiritual blessings. Filled from this treasury, other servants of God have instituted different devotions.

The most useful devotion, for in it we have the Fountain of Life itself before our eyes, from which we can draw directly, and increase in all virtue by adoring this divine Heart, meditating on its holy desires, and seeking to imitate it.

The devotion most pleasing to Christ, for by it we honor God, as Christ requires, in spirit and in truth, because we adore the interior power of God, seeking to please His heart.

Finally; the most necessary devotion, for its object is that we become intimately connected as members with Jesus, our Head, that we live by and according to His spirit, and have only one heart and soul with Christ.